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Communion Sunday

Dear friends,

I am writing about Sunday:

9am - Prayer Time

All welcome on Zoom.

9.30am - Columba Kids! - Sheep & Goats

A twenty-minute service for children on Zoom

11.00am - Communion Service (In Church & Zoom & Paper Copy)

The main reading is Matthew 25: 31-46 - Sheep & Goats

(The Zoom link for all services is the same:

As will probably have seen, the number allowed to attend in person has been reduced to twenty people plus five church officers (organist, reader, welcomer etc). Please can you contact Jan by Friday if you plan on attending the service in person.

For those who would like to take part in communion - online or at the church - please can you prepare your own bread (or similar) and wine / juice etc. Thank you for your understanding.

Finally, a message from Alice Ferguson: "We have supported the residents of The Resettlement Home in Midvale Road, with a Christmas gift and our best wishes for peace and love. This is especially important this year when everyone is struggling to cope with coronavirus. If you would like to support this project, please can you send cheques or money to Alice. Alice will then buy vouchers with your donations and write cards on your behalf. Alice will also buy treats for the 18 residents plus staff to enjoy over Christmas. Please send donations to Alice by 21st December."

Details of service are also on the website ( and a paper copy of the service is attached.

Sent with very warmest wishes,


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