• Graeme

For the Jersey Evening Post

This is an idea that I want to share with you because I have found it brilliant. The idea comes from Max Lucado, is based on Paul’s words in Philippians 4: 4 - 8, and there are four letters to remember: C.A.L.M.

This idea is for all of us who get too anxious. Let me try and explain it as best I can. C stands for Celebrate God’s goodness. When you get anxious about something ask yourself: what is greater God or your problem? Does God have a track record in helping you? Try to remember that God is greater than the problem you face. Second, A stands for Ask God for help. Don’t worry if you are someone who does not pray a lot, just be specific to God about exactly what you need. Don’t dress it up, tell God straight. Trust him.

L then stands for Leave it with God. Let me ask, when you need your phone repaired, do you go into the shop, hand over your phone, unroll your sleeping bag and tell the expert that you are here in case they need anything? No, of course you don’t, you leave it. Same with the thing you are anxious about. You have asked God to help, and you’ve remembered how great he is, so try not to dwell on the problem and leave it with God. The final letter, M, stands for Make a list. When anxiety comes over you again, remind yourself that you have left the problem with God and instead make a list of all the good things that God has given you. This really seems to distract you from anxiety. I hope that this is of some help, it has really helped me. God bless you.

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