• Graeme

The Yellow Notebook

I have started using a little yellow note book. Orginally, there was nothing particularly special about it, although I do see on the back cover that it was made in Italy. It has, however, become very special to me. Now, when I pray for something I write it down and then go back and count how many prayers have been answered. I started doing this on the 27th July and, as of this morning, the total is 46 answered prayers. Thank you so much God.

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Sandy’s Story

There is a very nice article on the Church of Scotland website about an idea one of our members had for Remembrance Sunday. Sandy and I will be speaking about it on BBC Radio Jersey tomorrow at 7.50am

For the Jersey Evening Post

This is an idea that I want to share with you because I have found it brilliant. The idea comes from Max Lucado, is based on Paul’s words in Philippians 4: 4 - 8, and there are four letters to remembe